While typing these words, I feel quite sad and upset. I think this blog, this class and all are not just simply about learning new things. When we work on projects, I feel every classmate is a teamate and we use our brainpower to conquer difficulties and share the fruit. I got to know new friends. I...

Thank you!

Though we didn't talk directly to Benjamin Prunty, we saw the chatting records between Sherol and him. He is the president of CSU, short for Concordia Student Union. He was interested in video games and music. I like his enthusiasm and I am grateful for his advice for us. Thanks!

My final project.

My final project is to work with Hollis and Evangeline to do as many Arduino projects as we can. I made a project where there are 4 RGB LEDs blinking in a specially programmed pattern. First the LEDs glow as if the colors pass on from left to right, forming a beautiful pattern. Then the LEDs change...

Cellular Automata

Yestersday I made a program that stimulates the cellcular movement. It can also be called the "life" game. It is like black squares emerging and vanishing on the screen, creating shapes that remain the same if you don't take an action. That's a status when the "life" is stable and...


Today we had a chat with Mr. Dave, who is a world-famous game AI designer. He showed great enthusiasm on game AI designing. I asked him will computers think exactly like human in the future. He told us he thought that it was possible. All in all, I appreciate him for his precious knowledge! Thanks!


Today we had a chat with Mr.Noah. He is the chief game designer of Google. For the network problem, I didn't hear him clearly but I still felt he is really good at his job.  He has a lot of knowledge and experience in game designing. I really appreciate his earnestly talking to us. Thank you!

A board game

We call the game World War 3. Of course, we love peace and hate war. We got the inspiration from Civilization, where players think of strategies to win battles and wars. Imitating Magic The Gathering and Hearthstone, we use cards for game play. We decided that there are three alliances and every one...


Monday I was absent because I had to prepare for the music festival held that evening. Therefore I missed the Arduino tutorial. Today I asked to try the Arduino. I typed the codes according the tutorial and finished a small project. I didn't have any more time, but the experience was fun!

Three projects!

1. I would like to do something about game AI.

2. Processing animation would be nice.

3. The last one, hmmm, since I missed the Arduino course, I think Twine Game or Algorithm would be fine.

A little more detailed!

Today I spent about two and a half hours doing the Tic Tac Toe project. First I set the background and the shapes we use. Then I thought about the AI. The computer must know how to react if the player try to get three circles in a line. There are 3*8=24 kinds of circumstance that if the computer still...

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